Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekly Money Checkup

1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on redwood for the rest of my garden boxes. Technically we didn't spend any of this months money as I had it on a Lowe's gift card we bought in February. 

2. Today I feel apprehensive towards money. I have measurements for some of the items I need dirt/gravel/mulch and I need to go check on prices. I have a feeling this is totally going to blow my paying things off schedule.

3. Money can’t buy happiness. One free/inexpensive thing I did last week that made me happy was shove my new bike in our car (we don't have a bike rack yet) and go for a nice long ride with my mom.

4. I will consider this week a success if I get my house spotless and more rock moved in the backyard so we can rototill to level our new garden/shed area.

5. I am thankful for the warmer weather that is coming around the corner. I love listening to the birds chirping.

I better get in gear with both the rock moving and the cleaning. If I don't do it, neither will get done. :( I also am helping my husband with some manuals for his job that I need to finish so he can take them to a job site/client tomorrow. I am just thankful I could finally help with something so he can come home at night/weekends instead of working. I am already WAY behind on my work as I am inside playing on the computer. Have a wonderful week!

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Angela Tolsma said...

I hope the apprehension on the money goes away.

What did you make??

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