Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter with a few hiccups

We started out Easter morning with some home cooked breakfast. Courtesy of my husband....he cooked it all! :) Then our hiccups started.....

Our washer broke again. Thankfully we got it working within an hour! That is now at the top of my expensive list of items that need replaced most likely in the next year. Washer (& dryer because the dryer isn't great either), vacuum (cracked and isn't working right because the seal latches are also broken), stove (only two burners work), lawn mower (my husband has rebuilt the 3 year old POS twice already and informed me he wants a new one).

So because I want to cry at all the silly appliances that are barely hanging on I want to share the good things at our house.

Shed as of 4/23/11, we got the flashing (metal trim that goes under the shingles), everything caulked (to prevent leaks), and the windows installed. I also have painted the first coat of paint on the trim. 

8 Jalapeno plants and 2 Big Boy Tomato plants that were 50 cents each. Yeah for watching the sale ads! This was an AWESOME deal!
Side of shed and 2 of my garden boxes minus the soil. It still looks messy but we are getting there!
Next week we are planning on shingling the roof (I have to order the shingles tomorrow) and building the door together. My lone self is going to get the trim all painted and the siding painted as well as dirt in my planters.

Touch Screen Panel
But the best part of our weekend is we got a security system installed. The number of break ins have increased due to the economy but because it is getting warmer they also are increasing. All the homes I have been emailed about from the neighborhood watch have been houses that were obviously cased out. We travel a lot and I know I feel better about having a system but my husband also did as he made the final decision. We can even arm it or disarm it from our phones and it has a touch screen. Because we had a few extras added we spent $200 after the $1600 of equipment they gave us and it will lower our homeowners insurance. I now don't have to be nervous every time we are gone for the weekend with the dogs. Now I am just nervous about figuring the system out.


Namine said...

wow appliances! hugs that can be stressful!

the security system sounds awesome!!! I would totally have a couple of those if we had a house and probably one if we had a condo! I worry TONS too!

Schürl said...

Shed and the planter boxes look awesome. How can you say Colin made breakfast and not tell us what? Shame. I am always to be wanting food details.

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