Friday, April 29, 2011

Photo Friday #4

A quick view of what has been going on around our house.

Plant Table in the family room, my seeds are not growing as fast as I would like. :(

I FINALLY got dirt into my planter boxes. Two truck loads! My arms hurt....

The shed, still minus a roof. It's hard to tell but I have painted the siding the color our yellow house will be transformed into. We have had a lot of wind lately as you can see from the tar paper.

Rock Planters where my iris's are slowly peeking through.

I had the yard aerated Wednesday. Hopefully this will help the shape of our backyard. It is in sad sad shape!

New baskets for laundry. One for whites/light colors and one for darks. This way I can carry them up and down the stairs and fill them up with clean clothes to put away.

View of closet with laundry baskets and new baskets on the top of the shelf. Finally a system that will work better and looks better.
Have a wonderful weekend! I get to learn how to shingle this weekend!


Namine said...

WOW your plants are growing like crazy!! Love the baskets!

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