Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What are you up to today?

Facts of today at my house.

My house is not messy right now, that is everything is put away but it is dirty. I seriously need to vacuum and mop. Right now I wish I had a cleaning lady, it is bad!

The state of our garage is a worse. It is messy and dirty and full of supplies for the shed we are building. I haven't been able to park on my side in over a month and the supplies are on the other side. I can't wait until our shed is done.

I have been sewing a lot. Between baby bibs, custom house items, alterations, and now two different types of custom baby quilts my sewing machines are getting tired.

I miss making jewelry as I have been sewing. Scratch that, I miss intricate beading. I wish it was easier to sell for the time I put into it. I feel like my jewelry has lost its flare because I make now things to sell, not what I love. If I ever get done sewing I am going to make something fun.

So right now it is 8:01am Mountain time and I am not starting work until 9am so I can have some breakfast, coffee, and a shower. My sewing machine better look out because it has lots of work to do today.

I love my life even if today it revolves around sewing and cleaning. I get to do the things I excel at and pretty much have total creative freedom with most of my custom orders (I love that). Next week I will try and spend some time working in our yard which is also currently a mess due to me. Yet I look back on what I just wrote and am so glad it is my life, the mess and all. Hope you have a wonderful day!


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