Monday, February 15, 2010

Distraught over A Furball

I have been wanting to post to get things off my mind but have been rather busy. The last week or so one of our dogs has been restless and sick. As in sick I mean more so than his usual ailments as he is allergic to wheat and is very high strung. After several symptoms that are worse than normal we called the vet Saturday. She came by in less than 2 hours and determined that he most likely has canine pancreatitis. His blood tests will come back tomorrow to confirm this. After speaking with her and reading everything I can find I do not feel confident about any solution to help him. This leaves me feeling awful inside as I love Gunther yet know he doesn't deserve to suffer like this. He is already on a very low fat diet due to his wheat allergy and doesn't have any of the likely causes. Looking back on his life and the last month I know that this event is not a one time occurrence it is just the worst so far, which means he has been suffering for a long time. Right now he has lost over 1 lb which is a lot for a 12 lb dog. All the recommendations both online and from our vet are things we have already been doing. If this is what he has we will determine a plan to try and prevent another breakdown. I hope we are able to do this and prevent him from suffering. If not I will not make my dog suffer and that kills me. I feel silly praying for my dog when others are suffering many times over but he is a member of our family and we love him.

Both dogs are sleeping so I hopefully can get some work done to sell some jewelry as I know we will have more vet bills shortly. I would appreciate any prayers.

Thank you.

Kerrie and Colin

If you are curious of what symptoms Gunther had/has and what we are doing to combat this disease please leave a comment or e-mail me at


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