Friday, February 19, 2010

New Buttons and......not much else going on.

This house has been slightly boring the last week if you don't include the stolen truck behind our neighbors house last night. Two not so bright teenagers stole a really old dodge dakota and parked in the alley, when asked what they were doing they took off. Ok, not so exciting but we did have to call the police to come pick the thing up.

Other than that I received tons of new buttons from a friend moving from Fairbanks, AK back to Washington state. Some of the oldest and most detailed buttons that I have to use are from his travels and I am SO excited to make some new pieces with these. For this trip he focused on finding me black buttons since I was running really low. I will share some new photos once I get them all separated.

I have been trying to fatten Gunther back up since he lost so much weight but that is hard when you are feeding him non-fat yogurt and small amounts of dog food. I may just have to buy yogurt every week since he seems to like it so much. Our weather has been great the last few days so the two dogs want to spend most of their time in the yard. That is a huge signal Gunther is getting back to his old self, though a less bossy version.

This weekend since Colin will be home I am going to try and spend the days in my "bead studio" and get some work done. Watching my dog non stop to make sure he is not getting sick has not left much time for concentrating on jewelry. My goal is to work all day both days and post new items online at night. Wish me luck!

Hope you have a great weekend!


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