Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Filling a hole

I shipped out orders this morning and I planned on getting a ton of new items posted today but I keep having hurdles to jump. I am thinking nothing will be getting online unless it happens this evening. I had to call an owner of a missing dog that was trying to dig its way into our yard to play with Max. At least it had a tag on I need to fill the hole from the outside.

Monday I discovered Max gets super car sick, just great for a dog that will be moving constantly. Motion sickness medicine for dogs isn't cheap! I really know how to pick puppies I tell you, now we have one allergic to wheat and one that cant be in the car. I may have just beat my sister out for issues with our dogs, wait one of her dog's broke all his teeth trying to get out of a wire kennel. She definitely has me beat. Sigh, the things we do for our silly pets.

Turquoise shall be the stone of the day, if I ever make it down to my work room. The thought of creating instead of cleaning sounds divine.


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