Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Limbo.....and the prize is Spring!

I have been putting off having another jewelry show due to not knowing when we are moving. I would hate to plan one and find out I need to be putting things away instead of getting them out. That is where this dilemma starts. I need to clear some old stock out and I need to bring some more money in (I have no weddings this month). On top of trying to save as much as we can our dog keeps getting sick and yesterday my husband got a ticket. What a great way for this month to go. I can't wait until March gets here, its a good thing February is a really short month.

March sounds wonderful! I am dreaming of spring type weather especially since I have a few bulbs appearing in the flower beds. I really hope we are still here to see them bloom. Spokane as a city has more flowers in the spring than I have seen anywhere else we have lived. It makes me think of Holland and tulips honestly.

Hope your week is going better than mine! Enjoy the few new pieces on Handmade Obsessions.

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