Monday, February 8, 2010

Scatterbrained...the perfect word

Personally I feel my title fits me perfectly yet everyone always thinks I am organized. I am only organized because I have to be to function, I learned that about myself a long time ago thank god.

We all have things we are supposed to be doing and those things we want to do. Both of those lists are pretty large today. My ever so nice husband spent a good chunk of Saturday cleaning out my car. I am supposed to be scrubbing mud out of the floor mats in the basement today. I really need to be working on getting more jewelry online as well. But I feel like sewing and think I may run and buy some squeakers to make these.

They were made by thelab on Etsy. They are made out of a duck cloth or canvas so I am hoping they will stand up to some tugging between my furry rascals. I an only hope I can make them half as nice as these. If not I may order some since they are so cute.

I also am working on getting a beautiful bag like this custom made. The designer is making mine slightly larger so I can use it for traveling and it will fit my giant laptop. My husband had given me a gift certificate to get any leather item I wanted up to $200 for our anniversary. He knew I wanted a bag/purse but added I could get a bag, leather pants, boots, etc. It was quite amusing but an awesome thought on his part. I have had a really hard time picking anything but decided upon this since it is fun and will work exactly for what I wanted, plus she is making an adjustable strap so it can turn into a messenger bag.

Like normal I had nothing of substance to write but I since these are my thoughts this blog might as well correspond with how my brain functions. All over the place! Hope you are having a great Monday


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