Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quilting Fulfilled

I am not a quilter at all but decided to give it a try. I love the look of quilts and most of all the combos of fabrics. I always have a hard time picking one fabric because I love at least 5 choices and can't seem to pick just one. Of course I had this problem trying to pick a new fabric for my ironing board. So I made a quilted cover using LOTS of different fabrics.

Here is the nasty old cover stained with starch, glue from interfacing, and who knows what else. I had been planning on recovering this for at least a year but couldn't settle on a fabric, then I found this tutorial from Moda Bake Shop. I figured out what fabrics I wanted and found them $10 cheaper on Ebay including shipping. This consumed a huge chunk of my day but now I have a beautiful ironing board cover and it kept my brain busy.

Hope you are enjoying your week!


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