Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday is not Trash Day

We live on a corner where quite a few kids walk to and from school each day and lately have had a group of teenagers hanging out on the corner late at night. That seems to equate to trash being left on the side of our yard. In the last 5 days I have collected a large flashlight, several taco bell cups, bud light can, misc. small wrappers and today a large ceramic flower pot full of rocks which I had to collect from all over the yard.#@$#^^&%^*^ We live in a nice clean neighborhood. I hate when my dogs bark at people through the fence but two of our neighbors think its good that they bark at strangers. I am about to be that crazy old lady sitting on my porch with a broom chasing people away. Please note Colin did this to some 10-12ish boys that snuck in our garage while we were doing yard work in June. He is not cool with people touching his tools.! It's too bad our dogs don't look big and scary.
Thinking happy thoughts I did make a few toys for the dogs yesterday. Hopefully they hold up ok. I made our puppy friend Jack a set as well so we will see. Here is Maximus hiding under the coffee table trying to sleep since he isn't allowed to leave the family room without us.

I feel like I should go check with some of the neighbors about whose flower pot this is as it definitely was stolen from someone. Where do you even start with something like that?


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