Tuesday, January 26, 2010

At a Loss in many ways...Praying in many more ways.

I haven't been creating much but I have been clearing out things we don't need and donating them for others. Somehow I managed to break a kitchen glass, a glass jar, a vase, and a glass trophy (which I was debating about continuing to haul around). I guess I found my answer.

I am at a loss for a Valentines gift this year....usually I try to think of a new creative idea. This year I have none. Last year I did a family gift as Colin's parents and brother were here. I bought Colin a Blueray, popcorn, several kinds of candy and pop. I had straws and red and white popcorn boxes. The year before I bought several pilsners and a box of beer from around the world (by the way this got rave reviews). The last year and our last move wasn't kind to the pilsners so I could do that again, but we also cut our cable tv and our netflix account to save more money for a house. I hate to reuse those ideas but they both are something Colin would like and fairly inexpensive. Any ideas? I'm stumped :(

Bad news: we have been saving for a house as anyone that reads this blog might know. We were been planning on buying a house in the Denver area since that is where they most likely will send us next. Due to time frame we thought we would make it to utilize this first time home buyers credit. Right now neither of us are sure if we will and Colin's company had more layoffs Friday :( If we move back to Denver in the time frame for the credit is it really smart of us to buy a house? Neither of us think so...which makes both of us sad. We are so tired of moving and they usually only move those that don't own a house. There are several factors which can still make our house a reality but right now they are not anything we can count until they absolutely happen.

So right now we are discussing putting most of our things in storage and renting a tiny apartment to save more money when we move. I am all for the saving money but wherever we live is our home and I don't want to live in a tiny box (Our current house has been small enough). It doesn't even take me 3 days to get our boxes unpacked after each move because I cant stand the temporary feel. I am at a loss right now for what our best decision is. I guess I will just keep hoping for the best and that those factors line up that make Colin's job secure. I feel sad about this but even sadder for our friends that have lost their jobs. I am praying that they find others and that things improve.

On the upside if they don't notify Colin by this Friday we know we will be living in Spokane the entire month of February. That gives me relief so I can make appointments here instead of wondering where we will be. The poor puppy that I house sit/check on everyday will be glad if we don't move.


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