Monday, January 11, 2010

Our Weekend in Pictures

The lovely start of a project I created for involved a trip to Sears which he always likes. We bought some clamps and a new orbital sander. I think that might have been for me but it works awesome. Thanks to Aunt Robin for the joint giftcard.
This is my intended finished project. Colin so far only has the holes cut out and I have sanded it. It will be about 4-5" tall so the dogs stop pushing the food bowls all over the kitchen. I am currently testing all of my stains and paint colors, right now I really don't like any of them. I am NOT buying another can of paint/stain though. I guess I just need to pick out the one I dislike the least. The photo above was from merlinsbarkproducts on Etsy but was $60. Since I have a talented husband I chose him instead.

These were our dinner Friday night and are Chicken Crustinis from the Pampered Chef $1, 2009 cookbook. They were really easy to make and delicious.
Here is Maximus, he is growing like a weed and is as big as Gunther already.
Gunther looking like he is a relative to Cousin It.....he got a haircut this morning. He keeps burying his head, probably because he hasn't been able to see light for quite awhile.
Life in our house has been pretty laid back and nice. There is still no word on when we are leaving Spokane but we are expecting it any day. I just really would like to know....limbo is definitely not a stress reliever.


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