Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our Custom 3 Bowl Dog Dish

Colin has been slowly working on the 3 bowl dog dish I mentioned last weekend. We needed to buy some new clamps to hold it in place, etc. He had to make sure he did everything right, and he did a beautiful job. Just like the one I could have bought...but ours cost more after getting new tools. Figures, why does that happen with most projects? Now we have an orbital sander, six new large clamps and a custom dog dish. The sander wasn't essential but there have been so many projects I would have loved to have it for previously so it was a good addition to our tools.

Finished 3 Bowl Dog Dish with no stain.
Side view all sanded beautiful!
First coat of Stain, I decided to go with my Minwax stain mixed with poly. Currently I think I will go at least 3 coats of this and then at least 3 coats of just poly so the dogs don't damage our hard work.
Most of our furniture is espresso in color but since I couldn't get my samples quite right I am going with a more natural color so they don't clash. I always could have bought another stain but I already have a few too many for this move.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! We stayed inside as it is still raining. :(


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