Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rain Rain PLEASE Go Away

It is still raining up here in Spokane. We have so much water that there are small ponds all over the yard and you can see the water sitting on top of the grass everywhere. Needless to say I am staring at our floor debating if it is worth moping again or I should just wait. I am running out of my microfiber mop cloths that I made for our swiffer. I could go buy a box of real swiffer mop cloths but they take up space, are bad for the environment, and moving companies wont move them. If Harbour Freight wasn't so far away I would go pick up another package of microfiber cloths. You can get them for around $3 for a package of 4 verses about $10 at Walmart or Target. I have a spray swiffer and the microfiber cloths actually work better and are much cheaper especially when you are endlessly moping due to rain.

Straying away from that random topic I found a web designer on Etsy that I feel confident has a similar style to myself. They are a husband/wife team and they have began creating a new look for my website. Look forward to an improvement! I am excited as they were very reasonable and so far have had EXCELLENT communication.
No news on the moving situation but we are still hoping Denver will be the location. Colin has been looking at homes online for prices and areas. We are still crossing our fingers that everything is soon so we can utilize the first time home buyer credit.

So today I am enjoying some spiced tea and starting on a few books our Landlady loaned me. This week I have: Prisoner of Tehran, Water for Elephants, and "Eat, Pray, Love". She has another stack waiting for me once I am finished with these. We have met such wonderful people here in WA.


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