Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finished Dog Dish

Here is the completed 3 bowl dog dish that Colin and I made. I really like it, so far it looks a little fancy compared to the old placemat on the floor with 2 green plastic bowls. A definite improvement to our kitchen.

The last two days have been fantastic as we have had NO rain. :) Yesterday I went for a run and walked our friends puppy back to our house to play. A mile and a half was a little far of a walk for the poor little guy, he was beat by the time he got to play with our dogs. Since I am letting him out during the day and sometimes bringing him home to play Max and Gunther have been in coma's at night.

Except that Max seems to like to play inside his crate, maybe he is trying to tell me he wants a nap. Not much else is going on here other than playing with the silly dogs.


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