Thursday, January 14, 2010

Slacker is the word of the day

Slacker is my middle name today, well not really. I have been lounging thinking about cleaning just like every other day. Do houses get dirtier faster if they are smaller just like fish tanks? I feel like our house here in Spokane gets dirty SO much faster than any other house we have lived in.

The rain is driving me batty as our yard doesn't look like several lakes it is now one fluid body of water. Hopefully it stops soon as the ground is beyond saturated. This spring it should be nice and green though :)

Last night I got to have a pound of delicious crab legs and a tour of the hotel Colin's company has been building here. I was VERY impressed! One of the suites we looked at even had a baby grand piano in it!

Life here is good, still no word on moving. I am starting to wonder if they will keep us here as long as possible....sounds like that may be until June. :( We are just glad we are safe at the moment and praying for the people of Haiti.


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