Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Beautiful Recycling

I try to be fairly conscious of what I buy anymore so that very little is wasted. I spend a little more on trash bags that will not sit in our landfills and never decompose (and yes I know without air they still might not) but it makes me feel a little better about having to use plastic trash bags.
One thing that I love about Spokane is that they promote recycling, you get a bin with your city trash can and you can put all paper (2' x2') cans, and glass in it and the recycling truck/man sorts it into his truck when he stops by. We have lived so many places and its hard to even find a place to take your cans much less everything else that is recyclable. Think how much they save in landfill space from recycling just one city block. This is one of the very very many reasons I love it up here. I cant wait until we have our own house so I can actually have a full sized garden and a compost bin, it aggravates me that so much goes to waste.
Anyways since it isn't recycling day I still decided to reuse all my old buttons and make a few new bracelets. These are going to be the last 3 until I locate a few more button jars as I am REALLY low.
Black Twist
Ivory Wedding
Black Triple State (It has AZ, CO and WA buttons)

View of the backsides-I personally find this side just as beautiful :)


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