Thursday, August 13, 2009

Motivational Present

I bought myself a present today. One that I have been wanting for quite awhile but didn't want to fork out any $$$ for. I needed a new pair of running shoes, which the last few years has been hard to find as I have a bone on each foot that when aggrevated grows. So it is just harder to find shoes that don't rub and aggravate it. I have checked into getting this fixed and they want to break the bone (on both feet) and grind it. Not fun! I would much rather spend more time finding shoes.

I REALLY have wanted a pair of Nike + shoes. Normally Nike's shoes run slightly narrow, but I have found quite a few that fit well, only problem is all of them have been over $100 which I wont spend. Today I was helping a friend shop for new tackle boxes at the sporting store....and as usual I got sidetracked and noticed that one of the shoes I wanted was on sale for $59.99. :) I love back to school sales.
I used to run at least once a day if not twice (yes I was obsessed) in high school and college. After numerous instances it lost its spark and somewhere I stopped. I miss that and if new shoes sparks my old love then I am going to try it. I have a harder time running alone so I decided to purchase the chip for the shoe. It works through your ipod and will let you know how fast you are running, how far, # of calories burned....instead of having a coach I now have a mobile friend telling me how much farther I need to go. I decided to set myself up on a training plan for a 5k in 12 weeks, I know that is super easy so I am excited to start and get back to the old Kerrie.

Bonus is the arm band I already have that is a few years old is actually a Nike + band and was made for my ipod with the attachment. Yeah! Apparently I was thinking into the future. Since I have been up all night making myself a playlist of music I better get to bed so I actually can go for a run in the morning.


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