Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pinch of This a Little of That

I tested out those new shoes and gadgets this morning. :) Today was a good start to getting in shape....I hope my bridesmaid dress still fits in October or I am going to need to do more alterations.

I called Colin just to let him know I used my shoes since he was skeptical and now he wants to try my gadget....only problem is he doesn't have any shoes, or an ipod (we usually don't need more than one). These may be some good ideas for Christmas as he is really hard to shop for. Thankfully he is more patient than me and if we get him some shoes he will wait and use my gadgets until then.

Now I am off to ship my camera back to Sony....I am not even going to go into the conversation I had with them yesterday. All I can say is thank you to the wonderful sales girl who straightened out Sony's customer service rep. they want me to fill out a survey, aren't you supposed to keep your mouth shut if you cant say anything nice? Today that rule is VOID.


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