Friday, August 7, 2009

Random Facts of Me

Since I haven't been so good about posting pictures of jewelry I thought I would tell you a few random things about me.-I love lots of pillows EVERYWHERE in my house.

-Plants are my favorite but do NOT move cross country well.

-Old buttons never fail to give me inspiration.

-I have learned that I don't like to get comfortable each place we live because I know it wont last, I am ready to leave WA right now because it is going to hurt when we do move.

-I have AMAZING friends all over the U.S.

-I like to cook but hate to clean up my mess.

-I hate clutter yet always seem to have some, it must make our house OUR home.

-I have dabbled in every craft except knitting/crocheting and oil painting. They aren't my mediums and I know that, everything else is fair game in my head.

-I LOVE my husband and our dog.


-Moving companies wrap all your shoes individually in paper. Wait, that wasn't about me but it is a weird fact of my life each year.

Have a wonderful weekend! :)


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