Monday, August 10, 2009

Sparkly Beauties for Monday

For some reason today's inspiration was circles. Almost all the pieces I completed or have brewing in my head used some form of them. Here are a few new items.....

Faceted Amethyst Dangles
Red Coral Braided Bracelet
Red Coral Dangles with Rounded Cross
Circles of Black Jade Earrings
Olive Jade Circle Earrings
Faceted Crystal Quartz Circle Earrings (these look stunning but were very hard to photograph)
I think I need some photo classes, or a class on manipulating light. My photos are never terrible but if you are good at getting the light right your photos can be GORGEOUS! I admire all those that have that skill. It might help if my camera was functioning, it keeps telling me the battery isn't compatible and turns off. Tomorrow I am taking it back as it is only a few months old and Colin being Colin bought insurance on it. This is now the third item that he has bought insurance/extended warranty and I have actually needed it. His tally is at over $1800 right now off the top of my head in savings. Its a good thing I have him around because I never buy extra warranty/insurance. I would just be stuck with a new camera that doesn't work correctly. Thanks Babe!


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