Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hello Again :)

Thought I would say hello again.... I am just doing a bit of laundry and packing up my jewelry to head up to Nebraska for a few days. The last few days in CO have been beautiful. Sunday Molly and I talked our mother into going back to all the antique/flea markets to see a few pieces we thought she would like.

Unfortunately we talked our mom into a beautiful waterfall bedroom set that they had marked down to $450. As soon as I get some pictures I will post it because it is awesome, all three of us felt like we stole it walking out. It includes bed, chest of drawers, nightstand, vanity/dresser, chair, and the mattresses (which we really don't want). After I also helped my mother fill up the car in WA (secretary desk, and my chair and ottoman) I think my dad is going to ban me from hanging out with her. In our defense we got AWESOME deals both times.

Hope everyone's week is going well, miss you Cheryl!


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