Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yummy Jam

Here is some of the Delicious Raspberry Jam that I made today. Yum! I ate some on homemade crepes for dinner. :) My sister suggested that I also make some Raspberry Chipotle sauce so that is one of tomorrows projects as it has been raining all evening and is nice and cool inside and outside the house. I have a feeling everyone is getting jars of different types of jelly and salsa with their Christmas presents this year.

UPDATE: My website should be done soon so I can start adding items onto it! Yeah! Well things will get uploaded onto it at the end of the month as I am taking myself and Gunther on a long road trip to visit family and friends. Poor Colin has to work, I figured I would go now since we are unable to go home Thanksgiving and Christmas again. :(


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