Friday, August 14, 2009

The list is growing....

There will be very few photos for about 2 weeks as I had to send my "good" camera back to Sony....our old camera has been four-wheeling etc. a few too many times and doesn't focus very well. At least it still is working to some degree. Anyways since as usual I have been procrastinating on the things that absolutely need done I better get to work. Today so far I have been checking out new blogs and saving ideas for decorating in the future. If you don't watch yourself reading new AWESOME blogs can swallow you up.

As I am leaving for CO and NE on Monday morning I better get motivated.....

-Our lawn needs mowed
-I have 2 custom orders waiting to be put together
-A huge pile of laundry
-Packing my displays
-Picking clothes
-Packing for the dog
-Loading the car

I know I am missing quite a few things but those are the bones of what needs done today. I did run to the grocery store yesterday and bought myself healthy drinks and snacks for my trip. I am going to also make myself some sandwiches so I refrain from eating junk food during the trip. I turned over a new/old leaf with this running thing, unfortunately I cant eat Chinese food for every meal to make it a complete transformation into old Kerrie.


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