Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hello from All Over....

Thought I would check in and say hello since I have been away all week. I am enjoying myself at my parents new home and relaxing. After driving 15 1/2 hours straight I need to, that is definitely not an activity I am going to duplicate.

Tuesday Molly (1 of my sisters) and I spent the day in Denver having a dinner with the majority of my cousins and our Mamo (grandma). The rest of the week has been a little more laid back, which is WONDERFUL! Wednesday I slept in, it was needed. Thursday Molly and I went button hunting, she is an excellent hunter.....we did extremely well. :) I made a few bracelets already but alas I have no camera so unless Molly is here I have zero photos (this stinks because I already sold 2 of the new bracelets).

Today we are headed to a wedding up in the mountains for the night, I cant wait to see so many friends I grew up around that I have seen so little of the last few years. I am still not sure what jewelry I am wearing but my mom has hers all picked out and I custom made the mother of the grooms. Molly I'm sure will wear something of mine as well since yesterday she disappeared with my pieces to go to the zoo. My family has been a huge implement in helping with marketing my creations. THANKS!

On a side note my other sister Cheryl has finished my web site and sent me my manual for running it until Christmas. We had decided on a photo loading program but with her busy schedule teaching at KSU we are leaving it out until Christmas. Therefore I have a custom website which I love but it is going to get even better! Look forward to me filling it up the first week of September since I will still be in CO, and NE.

Colin is hanging out with all of his single work buddies since I have been gone, yesterday he told me I need to come home because he is old and tired...I am still laughing about that. He may have to wait until I have the energy to drive that far again :(

Enjoy your weekend!


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