Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lost Paint

So I am sitting here waiting on paint samples to dry.....I finally got my husband to stop working on his 4-wheeler and help me take the 7foot long mirror hanging in my craft room off the wall. It only took almost 10 months to convince him to help. Who hangs a mirror that big in a small bedroom anyways? And hangs it crooked? Now it is sitting in my dining room, I hope it doesn't stay very long.....

Anyways when I got kicked out of the garage because my husband is collecting so many garage tools my saved paint can lids disappeared. Not good, so I have a bunch of sample jars trying to remember what color it was I painted my craft room. While waiting I am doing some internet window shopping.

I am thinking about this rug in three sizes for my dining room, den off of that room, and front door. Not super exciting but they should help keep the floor cleaner from the dogs and since all three areas are open to each other I think this is the best choice as I have pretty wild/vibrant colors everywhere.

We are getting a shed for the backyard with our tax refund, 3 rugs and the rest is paying off my medical bills. Nothing very fun but usually we put the little we get in savings so I am excited that we are getting some things we need/want this year. Now I am just waiting for our tax refund to show up so I can do some real shopping. :)

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and not watching paint dry!


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