Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sunny Thursday

Just wanted to say a quick good morning. I am enjoying a cup of coffee and debating whether or not I want to eat chocolate cake or blueberry muffins for breakfast? I went a little crazy baking yesterday. We had sandwiches for dinner because I was baking instead. Oops. :} Oh well at least my husband had something to take for breakfast this morning as he left at 6am and had to head to Colorado Springs for a meeting. One he didn't want to go to and had to drive in rush hour traffic to (it is almost an hour from our house in normal traffic).

So for the last 3 hours I have been catching up on blogs I like to read and Internet window shopping. Not very productive as I need to get to work sewing up a storm. I will hopefully share some photos later.

Have a wonderful Thursday! The birds are chirping and that makes me happy thinking about spring!


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