Thursday, February 24, 2011

Torn at what to do first....

I am super torn at the moment. I feel like I didn't get enough done inside the house before spring and there is so much I want to do. I know I have awhile but I have a lot to do outside this spring/summer. I have big plans that need planned and budgeted for. Here are a few items I need to do:

-Visit nursery and ask about prices for the plants I will need for the front yard beds.

-Determine what ground covers I want to use in backyard area.

-Price out building raised garden boxes. Should I go with Redwood or Cedar?

-Check with Pioneer (gravel, ground covers etc.) about prices for whatever we decide in backyard, some bark for front yard beds, and some soil for my garden boxes. I also want to see how much flagstone costs as I have a plan to increase the patio but it will have to wait until next year.

-Move sprinkler heads, I think we will only move one and cap the other one off as it wont be needed with the new yard arrangement.

- Rototill front yard beds.

-Build garden boxes, fill with old rock and new soil. Plant, marigolds, lots of peppers, tomatoes, lettuce,and acorn squash for sure.

-Lay foundation for shed, we are debating between concrete and blocks.

-Build shed....we need helpers. :)

-Plant new plants in front yard, currently we have none.

-Lay new ground cover in front and back.

-Transplant current Butterfly bushes to cover up electrical bushes next to shed.

Man just typing that is making me wonder how we are going to get it done. I also have to buy new shutters for the outside of the house, repair and repaint the trim. My family is supposed to be rebuilding our cabin's deck early summer as well. I don't think we are going anywhere this summer. Anyone want to come help?


Namine said...

wow that's a list!! I can't grow anything!! be sure to post pictures

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