Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Sun is Shining

I had a BLAST last night at the CU/Texas A&M basketball game. Lucky me went with an Aggie (TX) fan and they won in overtime. I am a bad family member as my cousin cheers for CU, at least I got to say hi to her after the game. I also ran into a couple from my home town that adopted a dear friend of mine. It's nights like that that make me LOVE living in CO. (minus the icy roads)

I also got everything fixed with my website and all issues are resolved. Yeah!!!!!! Now money from items I have sold are in MY bank account and not floating around Paypal. That is a huge sigh of relief as I was super stressed out.

On another note I have decided I am drinking ONE cup of coffee a day, this once a week stinks. That and I am crabby without my coffee.

Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday as well and the rest of your week is fantastic!


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