Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snow+Cold+Coffee=Great Day Inside!

I thought I would share some lazy pictures as I was too chicken to go outside as it was below zero again. :( Most of this winter we have had pretty nice weather, I miss it right now.

View of Front Yard, and yes that stick in our yard is supposed to be a tree. :)  I took this from inside the dining room.
What I really would like to do is get my snow shoes out and hike around the neighborhood. But I have no clue where my snow pants are and I am not supposed to be doing anything for almost another month due to that poison Levaquin that the doctor prescribed me during my kidney stone unveiling. I am tempted to go anyway if I can find my pants.....the dogs are having a hard time getting in and out of the dog door because there is so much snow.
Messy office, I am clearing out space on the shelves to put books that I have in boxes I might want to work on this it looks messier in this photo....
Jalapeno Jelly, Yum this is the best jar I have ever eaten.
I treated myself to a grapefruit, COFFEE :), and an English muffin with jalapeno jelly for breakfast. I am not usually a breakfast person but since I haven't been drinking coffee much I have been eating breakfast more often.

Hope you are enjoying your day as well if it is cold wherever you may be!


Namine said...

I have never heard of that kind of jelly before. Is it hot? What do you put it on?

I love the set up of your office!

I wanted to respond to your comment on ny blog. We are pretty blessed. We don't have to pay for medical in Canada. I didn't realize how wonderful that was until you started talking about the fridge. If you ever want to cone up let me know.

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